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The first program in the annals of Education to advance the cause of learning culture transformation from the ground up and the inside out — using social, play-based communication technology.
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Teachers' Puppets: Hundreds of examples constructed by teachers of all grade levels
Students' Puppets: Creative thinking that moves ideas and symbols into their hands
Puppet Patterns: Download, Print, and construct. Cut eyes, noses, whiskers, and more...
Ideas and Concepts: Ideas for puppets everywhere you look

Read, sign, and share The Call to Adopt an American Declaration and Education Bill of Rights. PlayTectonics.org and Puppetools.com are the originating sister sites for the Play Tectonics Movement. Your signature helps advance "The Movement to Transform the Learning Culture."

What Teachers Say

Steve wrote:
"It is a joy to be in contact with kindred spirits on the path to a root based, natural way of learning! It becomes amazingly clear exactly what children need… to enhance their learning experience."

Toni wrote:
"What a discovery! There is a strong argument for the use of puppets in education especially given that recent papers indicate that learning is enhanced by spontaneity, emotion and play."

Chonita wrote:
"Diane has been part of our spelling lessons all week and today I started without her. "Isn't Diane coming today?' I heard three different students say. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from one of my "tough guys." I can't believe the attitude of my students. They are different. They are excited and I'm excited. I've share with my principal, staff, and friends about your class and what I'm experiencing now."

Dale Katzen wrote:
"I continue to see more and more avenues of use for these puppets as part of the lessons and the life of the classroom. They enhance the atmosphere and bring such delight."

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