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Riding the Big Bang of Play Into 21st Century Education

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Forward: At age 16 Albert Einstein is said to have imagined what it would be like to ride on a beam of light. He no doubt took many other such field trips in the playground of his mind. It may sound silly to mention the great scientist in the same breath that I mention mine, but all too often we ascribe god-like powers to icons at the same time we devalue and dismiss our own. For 35 years I have been on a field trip (one that the great scientist would have approved of), riding on an imagined—and engineered—vision of enlightenment for Education. If our teachers and our classrooms were inspired to inspire thinking like this, the world would become a much better, richer place. For one, kids would grow up happier and more empowered to appreciate the power of their brains. In fact, kids who learn early about the workings of their brains are much more motivated to use their brains (segment on this below).

With little time to write a book on the evolution of Puppetools and publishers not banging at my door, I am offering you this e-Book, a compilation of essays, white papers, and blogs that I have written over the years. More will follow. Enjoy!
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