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Greetings, fellow parent,

Thanks so much for becoming part of Puppetools.

Here are some general thoughts for getting started.
Spend time in the Educator Resources: After all, you are your child's first teacher.

Once you have a general idea of the Puppetools program, you can become a more effective and knowledgeable 'play teacher' to your child.

Parents who are knowledgeable about play learn how to 'Beat and Outsmart the System Before it Beats and Outsmarts Your Kids'. For example, you will learn the difference between play that's pure and play that's toxic and addictive. Once you know the difference, you can help your child avoid the latter. If this sounds like I am denigrating the hard work of dedicated teachers or our public schools, please understand that even the best of teachers are forced to work in a system that does too much damage in the name of Education.

A playful quality of mind will help your child self-start, be self-expressive, creative-minded, and self-confident. A child nurtured through play is more receptive to learning and more able to absorb the jolts and challenges of factory education.

The information that follows is largely learned from teachers and kids. It's not knowledge that your school system will be making available to you anytime soon.

Whether you choose to stand back and watch or jump in to join the fun, Play is on the way. We are here to help you make the leap!


Now watch Sir Ken Robinson tell Educators that schools are killing off creative minds and why creative schools should be the defining mission of Quality Education. You'll be glad you did.

Derrick D. Hill's Yes Across America offers unique opportunities for students ages 14-17 to begin applying creative thinking and communication skills. YES is a great place for kids to learn and earn while Advancing the Language of Play.

Messages from George Washington -Our 'First Education President' delivers messages of critical importance to parents. Click the top Orientation, Educators and Students tabs.

Kids are natural knowledge seekers before the drudgery of school dims the light of their curiosity. And, as we noted, children of all ages are especially fascinated by the one thing they have that makes or breaks their ability to survive and navigate the world: their brains. Kids are turned on by knowing how their brain works.

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