We're currently seeking adults and youth who are willing to help us in achieving our mission of advancing play-based learning in school and out of school.

-Jeff Peyton

(Independent Agents)
EARN GREAT COMMISSIONS - If you like what you see so far, then you will really appreciate the Puppetools Affiliate program. Affiliates earn money by referring new subscribers. Adults and Students (ages 16-17) who are interested in helping us 'advance the Language of Play' should contact us using the form below. We highly recommend that students visit's youth training program before joining the Puppetools Affiliate Program. To learn more about The Puppetools Affiliate Program please contact us using the form below..

- Get paid for group subscriptions only ($99 & up)
- View Subscriptions and Rates (members will need to log out to see it)
- $25 annual fee

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