(Products & Services Costing $75-$150)

- After School Program-1 child/month
- Pair of Name Brand Sneakers
- Couple of Video Games
- Trip to Supermarket (family of 4)
- Nice Dinner Out for 2
- Birthday Party @ Laser Tag

Subscriptions Overview

1) $20.00 INDIVIDUAL SUBSCRIPTION: Designed for individual users. Get complete access to all resources for a full year. Upgrade to the group subscription any time for $79.00. Ideal for individual users / households.

2) $99.00 GROUP SUBSCRIPTION (up to 30 users) Designed to be shared among small & large GROUPS such as families, home schoolers, classrooms, scout troops, 4-H, entire schools, and non-profit organizations with educational missions. This is the best way to derive the greatest benefit as the group subscriptions as up to 30 people can share the cost and enjoy the ride. Need access for more users? No Problem -- you can simply add more users anytime in lots of 50 or 100 and the cost can be as low as $2.00 PER USER. The purchaser (account owner) may assign up to 15 administrators per account --all users receive access to all resources for a full year.

Subscription Details

* 1 year to train and master Puppetools - the "Language of Play"
* Access Puppetools' online Educator Work Area
* Access Puppetools' exclusive practitioner video library
* Access extensive research on play and education
* Access hundreds of puppet images, concepts, and patterns
* Access readings from the 200 page Puppetools Manual
* Access our global community forums - learn with teachers around the world
* Put Puppetools to work in just days--for many it's just overnight
* Learn fast, flexible puppet design and construction--in just minutes
* Discover how a single paper hinge creates a limitless resource
* Engage playful, energized conversation for lessons and activities /all grades
* Use puppet know-how and techniques without acting, scripts, or theater
* Effectively harness Play and spark motivation, participation, and receptivity
* Discover the deep impact of play on students and teachers

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