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The world is an alive and busy place. Some things are not active. Like the pictures in a book (they're always in the same place) . And even though pictures you see on the computer sometimes move, computer users like you have to sit in one place when using the computer. Wouldn't it be fun if pictures could come to life? Well, Puppetools can help you make that happen.

In this corner of the Tool Box, thanks to Mr. or Ms. Papertalker, Puppetools allows almost any image you find anywhere--in book or magazine or on your computer--to become a puppet. Hmmm. If the world is always alive and your imagination is alive, then maybe we need to re-invent knowledge--you know, make the what and how of communicating with kids alive. With puppetools, now there's a way to re-make the world of learning so that everyone's tuned into the same imagination wavelength that kids are always on!
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