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"When we pick a brand, what we're really doing is picking an element of ourselves that reinforces who we are," said Tom Dougherty, President of the branding agency, Stealing Share, who says CNN's brand is in a quagmire. "Until they decide who they're for,---which is an amazingly difficult thing to do, and includes deciding who they are not for--they will flounder."


This is precisely the quandary that Education is in. It has built up a highly complex, lumbering, top-heavy superstructure that does not know how to fix itself. It is fair to say that the brand called Education is down in the ratings and is not very popular.

Education personified has consumed so many toxic and fattening working assumptions that it is now a huge, obese beast that cannot move to save itself. Children sit beneath this beast dominated and suffocated. How do we get this thing off our children? How do we get it to stop consuming and start transforming itself? How do we get this adult-centered monster--a creation of politicians and business interests--to become caring and respectful of children---those for whom the system was supposedly organized? When Education discovers and defines its true purpose---and realizes that its role is the antithesis of controlling and academic---we will have undergone a paradigm shift in the learning culture.

Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf School movement, believed that in addition to the concept of Separation Between Church and State there should be a Separation Between School and State. The Waldorf Schools were the first schools to be shut down by Hitler.

That is precisely what we need in America. 'A great nation that deserves great art' also deserves schools whose work with children qualifies as a great work of art. Just because a government makes available funds and resources does not mean that the government gets to control the lives of children and teachers in the name of Education.
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