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In the movie, "Finding Neverland," Johny Depp as JM Barry, the author of Peter Pan, plays a trick on the British upperclass. He knows they are all stuffed shirts, and that the core truth of his play--that children know things that adults do not--will not ring true without children in the audience. The problem is that children are not allowed to attend the theater in Britain. But Mr. Barry boldly sneaks them in, and the play, thanks to the response and laughter of the children, is a hit.

If we want to change Education we are going to have to be as bold as stealthy as JM Barry, and sneak our secret knowledge in behind the lines.

We must put teachers face to face with the reality that children see.

Read the Teacher Journals on this web site.

If you want to see teachers finally grasping another way of seeing and being with the kids they teach, then please read the journals written by teachers after they try using play language in their teaching. This moment of personal inspiration is what Puppetools is all about. This is change in education from the inside out. No other program in education is attempting to do this, and we are doing it by organizing revolutionaries and bold dreamers through the Play Tectonics Movement. Share in the boldest movement in Education. Get behind our mission and help us gain visibility and momentum.

Why Do This From the Outside In?

The problem in part is that most teachers don't know how to relate and understand the kids they teach. They need a dose of JM Barry-Peter Pan reality, a positive shock to the system that awakens their belief in children and at the same time causes them to question their belief in the system they work for. But they won't buy the medicine themselves. And their supervisors won't either.

So it is going to take people like you and me to carry the media and the message forward to the front lines--- and even past the front lines. That means kids, parents, family, and friends who believe in the Play Tectonics mission, or who can use Puppetools in school or out of school, or perhaps can underwrite gift subscriptions to involve groups of children. By promoting Play Language and the Play Tectonics Movement, you are helping kids and adults outside the system empower themselves to take an active and direct role in changing their learning culture. In this way, the artful and strategic media forms of play language work their way into the system and change it. This is the way nature works, and it's the way we need to work if we want to change our schools. We must, by taking action, become the change we want,.... to achieve the change we envision.

Play Tectonics: A Movement to Transform the Education World.

The Earth's land masses slide naturally, if not always smoothly, on plates. Institutions averse to movement, like Education, can take a page from this natural power and turn it into a tactical force for change.

The Mission: a conscious open revolt by ordinary people against....a bombastic, regimented, authoritarian school culture that robs children of their birthrights and their capacity to become autonomous, independent thinking adults. Well-meaning citizens trump well-meaning, credentialed professionals because the amateurs know when enough is enough.

Jeffrey Peyton is the inventor of "play language"--Puppetools and the founder of Play Tectonics. Peyton's play language shifts teaching away from the old-school, print-bound box into a thriving habitat fueled by playful, emotive, symbolic communication. Peyton believes that Play is not only a powerful communication energy in classrooms, but it is also a viral agent of change waiting to be unleashed. Play is a virtual instant party to which enthusiasts and lovers of free education are invited.

Peyton's research on puppet play has introduced a field theory of learning and communication, identifying the physiological pathways of brain function for reaching and relating information to the young. Without an advanced degree, Jeff was invited to present his ideas to the OECD Center for Education Research and Innovation (CERI). The Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is a huge consortium of over 100 nations, focused on issues of world economics, population, health, science, and education. Jeff's invention is a practical application of brain research, and he was able to present this application at a symposium attended by brain scientists from all over the world studying cognition, emotions, and learning. His papers can be accessed on the Puppetools web site.

At a time when millions of people around the world are fed up with the failing, heavy-handed policies of schools, many educators and government bureacrats continue to cling to the same old tired language and thinking to fix education (accountability, expectations, testing). Also, tired and unproductive are the old vehicles for 'improving education.' The costly conference. The Workshop. The Symposium. The published book or research. Puppetools and the Play Tectonics platform is effectively none of these. They are inventions for mainstreaming the most powerful yet economical agent of culture change: play energy. They are all about creating mass action, mass access, mass movement, using a high-touch mass media, delivered via the Internet but used happily and healthfully away from the computer, in the hands, hearts, and heads of kids and teachers all over the world.

Nothing like this has been attempted before in Education.

The convergence of the Puppetools invention of Play Language and the growth of Internet-based social networking puts people of all ages in the driver's seat who want to help establish play as a prime conductor in replacing old-school thinking with 21st Century enlightenment and transformation. We believe this combination is unstoppable.

This means that people of all ages and all walks of life who care deeply about Education can now help form a global movement to bring about change in the classroom not through governmental decree but by a force of nature that, according to founder Peyton, will help put the field on a positive track, and give parents and kids the power to keep it that way.

Jeff Peyton's e-book, "Riding the Big Bang of Play into 21st Century Education," is available on the Puppetools home page. Those who care about Education may at first wonder how Play can have a central role in the reform of our schools and the overall learning culture, but after reading "Riding the Big Bang" and visiting the Play Language web site there will be little doubt that the combined invention and the social movement represents a viable chance for real reform with real people behind it creating the force for change. Getting play into classrooms will be pivotal and crucial to the potential for change in education at the deepest levels. But this is just the beginning, for integration of the powerful learning and teaching modality of play is sure to open and change the physical, social, and organizational structures of schools moving forward.
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