Why Not Go Outside?

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]i was wondering: since spring is here, summer coming up, (well, depending on where you are located in the world) but let's say, when it gets really hot in the classroom, students are falling asleep, TEACHERS: do you take your class outside sometimes? WHAT DO YOU DO OUTSIDE? Do you sometimes see that students learn better outdoors? or do you kind of just hang out and play a game? or just hang out?

well, pls send me some examples, i would really like to see and then pass onto one of our specialists in brain research, and have them comment back,

have a good day,




I hear you champing at the bit. Are you a student, a teacher, or a gadfly? (these can be found indoors and outdoors, and the bite is the same We do need gadflies. I think they are endangered.

Look, the nicer it is, the longer we must stay in. And when we go out, we must watch the time because we have to go in soon. You know the drill.

If you must be inside, time passes joyfully when play is driving the experience. Take, as an example, ye old book report. Yawn. 10th grade. Biography on Henrik Ibsen. Tasks: Read the book. Write the report. Read the report. Class: Listen to each classmate's report ad nauseum droneum to tearsum. And now what do we really recall? What deserves our majestic capacity for recall and meaning? Certainly not a monotone litany of book reports.

Now, if you were to play with this, and, say, make a papertalker puppet version of Mr. Ibsen, the student would 1) read the book with, say, seven interview questions in mind; 2) prepare to answer them. (They would be 'asked' by the teacher or a classmate.) 3) In class, being interviewed, Mr. Ibsen would talk about his life and plays. 4) He would get some laughs with a joke or a stumble or two.

Using play as a governing principle, the teacher is choosing to have the class entertained and captivated by the playful experience of having Mr. Ibsen literally show up and be part of the class for a very memorable moment in time--to the point where you might see insights, observations, and questions expressed --and presto chango--the teacher has broken through the old patterns of communication, using the elements of movement, emotion, the hand, and play. In effect, if you are not literally outdoors, you have escaped outside the box. I rest my case. Not a bad deal.

Stephen! Take your head off the desk, right now, or off to the office with you. I just wanted to complement you, and thank you for your dissatisfaction. We should all be more than fed up with the old-school nonsense by now.



this is a great example, interviewing IBSEN, using puppets, thanks a lot for sharing this!

and i completely agree, you don't have to go outside, that excersise would be much more powerful inside, i think too,

i guess i was thinking outside (yes, maybe i wanted to go outside at that moment, this is true, you are funny papertalker) BUT i have been learning about forest schools, where teachers are taking students out into the forest and teaching a whole range of subjects, this is in denmark, to allow the students to have a more tangible experience, in nature, it could make the learning more personal, etc.

so, i wanted to try to find out from teachers around the world what they were doing relating to outdoor classes (what has been the experience?, if any)

indoors is fine too - any examples, or course, of making the teaching more interesting, so yes, let's keep this open to both indoor and outdoor, anything relating to specific examples of how you are making your teaching FUN

as i gather these, will pass to some of our experts in play and learning, who are workking together with neuro-scientists, etc, and see what sort of responses they have,

i guess, lastly, to provide some of my background, i work for the OECD, on this brain project. i also worked a lot in new york city designing after school programs, which have incorporated play and learning, i also taught many of those courses as well, as well as being a project coordinator for citykids (www.citykids.com)

anyway, i look forward to hearing back from all of you,

and YES, i will try to design a paper puppet in the near future, maybe of some cool old playwright, like moliere, since i am in paris,

i love puppetry, will let you know what i do,

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