Interview with "Pluto"--The Planet Sent Packing

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 4:06 pm
PostPost subject: Interview with "Pluto"--The Planet Sent Packing
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Interview with Pluto (the planet recently labeled a dwarf planet by some science big boys)

: Well, with us today is the planet—er, former planet, now recently downgraded to a dwarf planet—PLUTO. Welcome Pluto. So, ahem, you’re not hangin with the big boys anymore?

: You mean, the solar system crowd?

INT: I guess so. What’s it like for you now that you are no longer a planet, Pluto?

: Getting kicked out of the fraternity. Getting held back. Getting sent back down to the farm team. Who makes up these rules? Once a planet, always a planet, I say.

INT: The word on the elliptical path is that you’re not big enough.

: What’s BIG got to do with it? A silly microbe can bring nations to their knees. Small is powerful and unstoppable. I don’t care what they say. I’m here. I’m proud. I’m of planetary stock!

I’m with you, Pluto. An interviewer is supposed to stay out of the argument, but I can see you’re getting a bad deal.

And I’m popular with the kids, too. The kids think this is unfair. I say if kids like me and recognize me, then that ought to count for something. The pLANET pOLICE are not going to get rid of me so easily.

: Hey, How about a ‘Draft Pluto’ campaign. I bet the kids will defend your planetary rights.

I reject their silly rules. If a planet happens to be called a planet, then you should not be able to remove him or her from the planetary neighborhood. That’s what they’re doing to immigrants now. Denying their presence, demeaning their meaning, changing the rules, sending them packing.

You know when they decided to call planets ‘planets,’ they didn’t even know what a planet was. They just said you all were planets.

[Laughing] That’s very true. I’m important because I actually helped scientists figure out what makes a planet a planet. I ought to be made an honorary planet because I helped all the other planets actually learn what makes them planets! They could have at least made me an honorary caboose, or something.

INT: No wonder young people are not very interested in science now.

PL: Science is not their minds. But kids sure remember my name in the Who’s Who list of the planets. Kids like me.

If they want kids to like science, maybe they ought to re-instate you as [DRAMATIC] ‘The Kids Planet’. No! No!, I know—Planet of… the Kids. How about: The Planet of The Imagination. In ancient times, philosopher scientists connected the dots using stars and made the constellations. They included everything.

So why exclude me?

The ancient Greeks loved naming everything in nature. And look at what they did. The early Greek philosophers set the world of science in motion with their force of their imagination. To the ancient Greeks even the smallest stones had life. Gods lived in stones and in everything else. Without the Greek curiosity for the physical world, our science and technology might never have evolved.

PL: Gee, I don’t want to be The Planet that Got Banished. Without me, I think the solar system just got darker.

Well, thanks for talking with me Pluto. You're still a planet in my book!
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