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Suzanne Hale

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PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2007 10:51 am
PostPost subject: New to Puppetools - using them with home childcare providers
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I am writing to share my experience using Puppetools with women who run their own homebased day cares. These women work with children from 0 - 10 yrs, although on a full-time basis they work mostly with preschoolers, 0-6 yrs.

I introduced Puppetools to a group of about 50 women at a one day conference here in Ottawa. The ladies loved it, and for me it was very gratifying. Puppetools is so easy to share because it is low tech and accessible. Everyone ends up with a unique and working finished product. in a relatively short period of time.

All the ladies gathered round while I showed them how to fold the hinge. Some watched, some folded. There were a few questions, everyone got it easily. When we were done, and people held up their freshly folded puppet mouth-hinges and I couldn't help but say "and now you have all of the power in the world in your hands - you can say anything, and you can speak from another point of view!"

The first hinge was a standard size, (1/2 piece of construction paper) and then people made another one, from 1/4 piece of construction paper, for little preschool hands to use.

For the rest of that 1/2 hour, everyone continued to make their puppets. I provided an example of a tulip puppet - Tammy Tulip, and her friend Little Sprout...a tiny tulip, made with the smaller hinge.

People were delighted with their creations, big and little and off they went to the next workshop. I did not provide any templates other than the finished example, and some people asked if they could have a template. For future workshops I will try to provide these.

For me, I was very happy to have brought them puppetools, however, in the time frame we had, I didn't really get to explore how to use the puppets. I did model using them, with improvized jokes and a song from LIttle Sprout...and we did talk about the concept of puppets needing to have moments of stillness. However, I think more time for further exploration would have been very beneficial. An afternoon would have been great!

In the evaluations for the day, many people said their highlight was making puppets, using the PUppetools concept. For me, the concept is so clear and simple and deep enough that it can be explored on an ongoing basis. I look forward to future opportunities. The simplicity is in equal proportion to the possibilities for creation.

Suzanne Hale
S.Hale. Ottawa
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