Sock Puppets Maligned

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 9:12 am
PostPost subject: Sock Puppets Maligned
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New York Times Headline in the Business Section:

The Hand That Controls the Sock Puppet Could Get Slapped

Why not 'Stand-In?" Or "Proxy" Or Deputy. Alternate. Surrogate. Substitute. Why on earth "Sock Puppet?

Where did such a term originate? And why 'sock puppet' to describe the act of creating a fake online identity to praise, defend or create the illusion of support for one’s self, allies or company.

I have never met a sock puppet who was fronting on behalf of fits owner.

I have to believe that this term disparages and singles out a certain kind of hand puppet--a blatant case of unfairness and bias.

But wait: maybe it's just evolutionary psychology expressing itself, the small time-side-show art form popping into the public consciousness like a weed poking through the concrete.

It's even being used as a verb: sock-puppeting.

Maybe in slipping the sock off the foot and putting it on the hand, it has somehow become a cousin to the burglar's buddy: the glove worn to avoid leaving finger prints, the will toward anonymity--or has the sock of the puppet now become the key part of the verb--as in to sock or punch--or (sorry) sneak snaky key punch?

Poor little guys--well, it must be nice to get a little time in the spotlight even if it means some cost to their reputation.

Hey guys, don't let it go to your heads. Very Happy
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