Pedogogic Prognostication

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 11:42 pm
PostPost subject: Pedogogic Prognostication
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Is it me, or is this New York Times front page 'Education News' somewhat like the pronouncements issuing forth from the inner sanctum of the Central Bank--only in this case is it the Delphic Oracle?

"Bad Behavior at a young age apparently does not 'Doom' the miscreant perpetrators forever....IF..IF we can convince the powers--from the teachers on up to the policy-makers--that kids will be kids--or, more precisely, boys will be boys. (Let's be honest here, it's the boys whose lids must be tightly kept in place.)

What does this article reflect of reality?

That we need years and pages of research to accept what ought to be common sense? That kids with developing brains should be entitled to act out, need to act out as part of their exploratory nature?

That the margin of error for kids (whose birthrights impel them to act out) step out of line routinely results in a kind of academic black listing?

That without pronouncements like this Emancipation Proclamation from Doom difficult kids would normally be marginalized from the get-go?

That ground-breaking research like this almost always fails to look behind the curtain of doom to ask the tough question like How did we ever reach this low point in the first place?

What kind of a system uses an impossible one size fits all solution that excludes and demonizes kids and marks them as trouble-makers, while countless others are prescribed drugs that help them focus (read: control them) to sit still and [now lately] overcome shyness?

And what of it? What school division leader has the backbone to dismantle this machine and put something more joyful and enlightened in its place?

I guess we will need another 5 year study to design the specs for that one. What would your school look like? What would you do to your classroom if you were free enough to do something innovative to it or your teaching?

If kids on the Pacific Rim are beating us out in science and math, perhaps we have inadvertently bound the minds of our kids the way the Chinese used to bind the feet of women to keep them subservient and docile and obedient and fearful. If we want kids to feel the thrust of their youth and the power of their imaginings and dreams, we had better free them from the doom and gloom of our academic model and put something in its place that is worthy of children in America.
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