Students' Puppets - 'airplane'

airplane puppet

Name: airplane

Description: Lead the class in experiences that explore the physics of flight or emulate a journey around the world. The sky used to be 'the limit', that is until "pilots" who discovered the limitless potential in the puppet medium journied far beyond the sky into the inner reaches of the imagination.


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about this paper puppet

papertalker hingeEach puppet displayed here uses a hinge we call the 'paper talker.' The paper talker is the basic building block of the Puppetools 'Play Language.' Each puppet may be viewed as a 'part of speech' in an evolving language of handheld symbols and ideas. Note that Paper Flyer" models such as the Bat, Butterfly, and Bird do not use the hinge.

Learn more about working with the hinge in the Educator Resources: 'Construction and Design'. Print and read the PDF resources at your leisure. Check out the 'Communication with Puppets' topic.

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